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Goods Insurance Provider in Kolkata

Goods Insurance Service

Best Goods Insurance Service Provider in Kolkata

When we plan to move to a new location, one of the major challenges that keep haunting us is - Transportation. If we somehow get transportation services, the next big thing comes, whether the items are insured or not. Most of the customers get tricked into this space.

Moving Birds is committed to promoting safety, security and loss prevention during transportation. Our insurance service covers the loss of products during transit due to accidents, fire, theft, or the occurrence of any natural disasters. These types of losses can occur at any time, without any intimation. However, if your goods are insured by a reputed insurance service provider during transportation, packing or unpacking, you may be able to recover some or all of the costs.

"We partner with insurance companies like United Insurance, National Insurance and Bajaj Allianz to help you provide insurance coverage in accidental circumstances or natural disasters."

Benefits of Goods Insurance Service

  • Theft Protection
    Theft protection is a benefit of goods insurance because it offers coverage for stolen or missing items. If your package gets lost or stolen, you will receive a replacement item or reimbursement for the cost of the item.
  • Value Coverage
    Value coverage is a benefit of goods coverage because it pays out for the actual value of the item(s) lost or damaged. You do not need to prove that the item was actually worth Rs. XX; rather, you only need to show that the item had some value.
  • Replacement Items
    If you lose or damage an item while it is being shipped, you may receive a replacement item instead of receiving nothing at all. This is especially helpful if you are sending something valuable, such as jewelery or electronics.
  • Reimbursement
    Reimbursement is a benefit of goods coverage because it compensates you for the costs associated with shipping the item. For example, if you ship an item via Moving Birds and it is damaged, you will receive a refund for the cost of the shipment.

FAQ about Goods Insurance Service

Choosing a good logistics company is just like choosing any other type of insurance provider. You want to find a company that offers competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, and customer service that makes you feel comfortable. When looking for a logistics company, ask yourself these questions:

Most renowned movers and packers tie up with the industry's best insurance companies to purchase insurance policies against goods. In return, they provide the companies with their documents. There are a few vendors available in the market having their insurance coverage. Thus they don't take any assistance from the external insurance providing company.

Professional movers and packers take all the responsibility to hire the best professionals for packing your stuff with extreme care, transporting them with zero damage, and unloading them to the scheduled destination within the right time.

The insurance charge depends on which type of insurance you want to buy for your packing and moving valuables. Either opt for all-inclusive insurance coverage or transit insurance. In the case of transit insurance, the customer is bound to pay an additional 1.5% charge for insurance coverings.

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