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Packers and Movers in Jalpaiguri

Packers and Movers in Jalpaiguri

Best Packers and Movers in Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri is one of the most prominent and developed cities in North Bengal. It is well known for its historic British-era structures. There are various moving companies in Jalpaiguri if you want to shift to this hilly area. Moving Birds Packers and Movers in Jalpaiguri have established excellent standards in each area of truck transportation and they are continuously thriving. If you hire one of the best packers and movers in Jalpaiguri, they can make your courier experience seamless, and quick, and you won’t regret it later. You can consult with them by sitting at your place and in a matter of time can make your move stress-free, whether you're shipping home belongings or business equipment to Jalpaiguri.

Welcome to Moving Birds Packers and Movers - the best Packers and Movers in Jalpaiguri - with a team of well-trained professionals. If you're looking for a practical and professional moving solution, we are a group of adept packers and movers in Jalpaiguri dedicated to making your move as straightforward as we can. As a reputable, highly sought-after logistics company with years of experience, we offer end-to-end relocation service to anyone moving to Jalpaiguri. A team of highly skilled specialists carefully manages each consignment as part of our comprehensive relocation services, making sure that each delivery is made on schedule. Our moving and storage services are carefully designed to meet the various and specific needs of each one of our clients.

We are proficient in offering personal trucking cubes for your secure and efficient relocation because we have a presence in all the major areas. In addition, our ongoing efforts to research client psychology, needs, and comfort have given us useful insight that enables us to provide the highest caliber services at reasonable costs. Timely and secure delivery is essential when moving within Jalpaiguri or from Jalpaiguri to another city in West Bengal. Your belongings will be expertly packed by our team, using air pocket wraps, bubble wrap, corrugated boxes, waterproof plastic boxes, and cellophane sheets, as well as being secured with locks and seals to ensure tamper-proof and secure delivery.

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Our Packing and Moving Services in Jalpaiguri

Moving Birds Packers and Movers provides different types of packing and moving services in Jalpaiguri. They are as follows:

  • Local Shifting

    We, Moving Birds packers and movers, will help you relocate quickly and easily in Jalpaiguri. The price of local shifting depends on the volume of the goods being moved and the required travel distance. To ensure a smooth transition, our professionals offer top-notch moving services at affordable moving prices.

  • Office Shifting

    We can quickly and securely relocate all of your office belongings. Your office belongings will be protected by careful packing and handling methods. To prevent any productivity loss, office relocation involves careful handling of IT equipment and fast delivery. We will take good care of this.

  • Domestic Relocation

    Professional packing and secure shipping services are required for intercity relocation. We, as professional movers and packers, are always prepared with the necessary techniques, skills, and expertise to ensure that our customers have a satisfactory experience.

  • Storage and Warehousing Services

    Storage and warehouse services are useful when you misjudge the duration between delivery and collection or require a secure location to store your goods. The warehouse cost is determined by the volume of products and the number of days the items are kept.

  • Bike Transportation

    We offer scratch-free bike shifting services in Jalpaiguri, both locally and nationally, at very reasonable prices. Moving Birds Packers and Movers offers door-to-door bike relocation services and transports your bike in multiple-layer packaging with embedded safety features.

  • Car Transportation

    We help you pack and move your car quickly and safely to your desired location. Huge safety-embedded sealed carriers and trailers are used to move cars locally and nationally, depending on their size. The carrier is sealed and opened in your presence when it is delivered.

  • Packing & Unpacking

    For sensitive items like mirrors, glass tables, and electronic equipment, we use quality packing materials including hard-board cartons, bubble packets, stretch films, bubble sheets, husky tape, etc. Our professional packers and movers use precision gloves to pack and unpack your items safely.

Why to Choose Us as a Moving and Packing Company

  • A group of skilled people who handle all phases of packaging, loading, transporting, and reloading
  • Use the most recent tools and equipment to pack, load, and reload all of your goods.
  • We carefully place the items in cartoons, pack them, and give them labels after using high-quality materials to do so.
  • If the items are damaged, we also offer insurance.
  • We also provide extensive insurance services for consumers relocating luxury goods.
  • Our team is committed to moving and reloading all of the goods quickly and safely.
  • We are completely transparent with our customers.
  • We provide shifting services for all kinds of items

What We guarantee in Moving and Packing Services

  • A valid IBA certification
  • Giving written estimates and invoices
  • Using high-quality packing material
  • Insurance coverage on goods
  • Professional packers complete the packing using an effective packaging technique.
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Budget-friendly services
  • Online tracking of shipments
  • Complete door-to-door shifting service
  • Free moving survey
  • The use of hardwood crates can save the cost of moving appliances such as a refrigerator and a television
  • Secure delivery of the goods to the specified locations
  • Offering specialized loading and unloading services
  • Providing the best customer and client service throughout the moving process.

Pricing Plan of Our Packing and Moving Services in Jalpaiguri

House Size Approximate Packing Costs
1 BHK Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300
2 BHK Rs. 2300 – Rs. 3500
3 BHK Rs. 2800 – Rs. 4800
4 BHK Rs. 3500 – Rs. 6500
EXTRA ITEMS Rs. 1400 – Rs. 1800

Our Shifting Process

  • Contact us

    We have set up a very simple system whereby you can contact us with simply a call or a click. Our executive will accept your call and take down your information before passing it on to the relevant officer, who will set a suitable date for your survey.

  • Ready for survey day

    A field officer will arrive at your location on the day and time that you choose. Our officer will be provided with all the necessary instruments in order to assess the products to be transported and determine the estimated cost of the transfer. He will then close the deal on the relocation and give you an overview of how the whole process is going to work.

  • Confirmation of booking

    Once your booking has been confirmed, we will send you our final quotation.

  • Packing

    The packing supervisor contacts you and arranges to meet you at your location quickly to begin the flawless packing process. Our packing team is trained in all the techniques used, which are solely determined by the characteristics of the goods involved. After finishing the entire packing process in a few hours, the process is moved to the next level.

  • Transportation

    After receiving a green signal and completing the necessary payments, the transportation team immediately starts working. The carriers are dispatched on schedule and arrive at the customer's residence. The packed items are all subsequently put into these huge carriers, and the shipment is then transported in line with the schedule.

  • Destination

    TThen, we arrive at the customer's final destination and unpack all the products following their instructions. After completing the entire procedure, we ask them to complete our feedback form so we can note their experiences for future reference.

  • Choosing the best packers and movers for any type of transfer is critical to ensure a safe and stress-free transfer. If you do not care about hiring the best movers and packers for your relocation, you may find yourself in a very difficult and stressful situation. So, to simplify your moving procedure, always look for the experienced and best packers and movers in Jalpaiguri.

    Moving Birds Packers & Movers are experienced in delivering efficient moving services in Jalpaiguri at affordable quotes. Our customers count on our services to get their shipments on time, including for scheduled departures throughout the city. Moreover, considering the size of the shipment, our trained staff offer clients the best transportation alternative. We never compromise on the quality of our services for our clients. If you want to express the best in class moving and packing experience in Jalpaiguri, contact us for more information and to start planning your relocation.


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