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Warehousing Service in Kolkata

Warehousing in Kolkata

Best Warehousing Service Provider in Kolkata

Are you searching for a bulk-handling warehouse solution? We offer a fully customizable warehousing facility with on-site labor accommodations at Moving Birds. Whether you want to store your goods for a short term duration (one month) or long term (more than one month), we provide a highly secured warehousing facility system depending on your needs. Our one-of-a-kind warehouse is well connected with highways and thus can fulfill end-to-end solutions. We have hundreds of corporate tie-ups with national transporting companies to ensure the fastest delivery of your goods.

The basic goal of warehousing services is to give you adequate space to place finished goods, prepare goods for storage as inbound functions and outbound functions to pack, and ship orders as required. Moving Bird's professional team assists the company economically and operationally by availing top-notched warehousing services in Kolkata.

Why Should You Consider Our Warehousing Service?

  • Storage Space
    Storage space is a significant concern for many companies, especially those that sell perishable goods. If you do not have enough storage space, you could end up losing money if you cannot store your inventory properly.
  • Inventory Management
    You want to make sure that your inventory is being stored correctly and that you are keeping track everything that goes into and out of your warehouse. Professional warehouse service providers like Moving Birds, genuinely use cutting-edge techniques to manage the stock and give you precise insights into your inventory.
  • Time and Money Saving
    You don't need to pay rent or utilities for storing your products. You only pay a small fee per month for storage space. Alongside, you don't have to spend time driving around looking for a place to store your products. Your products will be stored safely and securely until you decide to pick them up.
  • Safety and Security
    When you use warehousing services, you don't have to worry about your products getting damaged. You can be involved in other important business work, where we ensure that your products are safe and secure. You can relax knowing that your products are well taken care of.

FAQ about Warehousing Service

At Moving Birds, we practice both manual and automatic processes for successfully dispatching your goods to our warehouses. If we find your data on our warehouse management system, we prioritize automatically dispatching your valuables.

We guarantee complete safety in our warehousing system since the entire solution is furnished with high security, 24/7 uninterrupted audio-visual monitoring, and an interconnected security system.

Depending on the materials, we decide on storing hazardous goods. Therefore, it’s best to connect us directly to know our decision on allowing you to store hazmat materials.

What Moving Birds Can Bring On The Table

Moving Bird's expert team guarantees the best designs in terms of utilizing space and other productivity-related considerations.

Depending on the needs, we offer our customers customized warehousing solutions. The greatest quality and safety requirements are used in the construction of our warehouses, which can accommodate any size or type of goods. We offer fully racked warehouses to handle pallets, floor space to store and manage large goods, and shelving for tiny retail items with advanced goods handling equipment.

Pricing Plan of Our Warehousing Service in Kolkata

Size of Area Price
Per SqFeet Rs. 15 – Rs. 30
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